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The innovative conveying system WX 2 is the only solution on the market that enables to feed your pellet stove or insert fireplace automatically. The suction motor creates a vacuum inside the hoses, necessary to convey pellet into the hopper ( the smallest of our series), installed inside the daily hopper of the stove. The high efficiency  self-cleaning filter offers high safety warranty, it protects the engine from dust, preventing toxic dust to be released into the environment. The WX 2 system, combined with our pre-separator, turns into a high efficiency ash-cleaner, through which you can collect dust from the stove ash pan without breathing toxic dust.

Ideal system to feed any pellet boiler

Automatic operation

Quick and easy installation PLUG & PLAY

Chrono time setting

Remote control per 3G/LAN

Accessories WX2

PR3670 - Suction probe for big-bag ( h 2.000 mm )

PR3669 - Suction probe for big-bag ( h 1.000 mm )

FS0001- Compression clamp for hose TB0001 Ø50

KTE3G - Kit for remote control via LAN/3G for suction motors WX11-15-52

WX11-FPA - Polyester antistatic filter for suction motor WX11

MG50E - Rubber sleeve for hose flex Ø50

WX1005 - Mini hopper for burners

CV2052 - 20 mt wire with switch 5P for hopper-suction motor WX52

WX11 PT23 - Wall bracket for suction motor WX11

CV20 - 20 mt wire to connect discharge hopper-suction