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Ash pre-separator PRC -15H

The ash pre-separator can be easily connected to the suction motors of all our range of pneumatic conveying systems.  It can be combined with industrial heating plants. It offers the double function to separate dust residuals from biomass fuels and to  collect ash from the ash-pan of your boiler or stove, without using other items to collect ash. This makes our pneumatic transport solutions a complete kit with accessories to keep your heating system clean resulting in an optimum yield. Any residue of dust that your ash-cleaner cannot remove can be collected by our pre-separator. It vacuums hygienically and in a very simple way, ash, humid dirt etc. that means waste disposal without creating dust into the environment thanks to  its plastic bag.
The pre-separator is equipped with a high-efficiency cyclone: system of treatment that enables to collect dispersed particles in the air exploiting their inertia. In this way the contaminated flux enters the upper part and tangentially, so that it can take the form of spiral movement downwards by  means of  centrifugal force.

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Accessories Ash pre-separator PRC -15H

PR3669T Big bag emptying unit with bag-breaker, bottom discharge.

FS0001- Compression clamp for hose TB0001 Ø50

KTS01 - Hose kit Ø50 for quick connection suction motor-ashcleaner

KTA04 - Hose kit Ø 40 6 mt length with noozle

KTA03 - Hose kit Ø 40 6 mt lenght with handle

KTA01 - Hose kit Ø 40 3 mt length with handle

KTE3G - Kit for remote control via LAN/3G for suction motors WX11-15-52